Special Recognition to all January Belt Test Participants

Congratulations January Belt Test Participants

This January PRO Martial Arts Naperville congratulates the accomplishment of the following students.  All of these students worked hard and tested at our most recent promotion.  We are proud to say that everyone who attended the promotion earned their next belt.  Our martial arts program challenges our students to reach the their potential.  Each student is different, and we are proud of everyone for practicing hard for this test.  A PRO Martial Arts promotion is a chance for our students to show the instructors and their parents what they have learned.  

We had 17 people promote this month!  These children are representative of PRO Martial Arts Naperville values - Confidence, Respect, Discipline, Manners.  Kids who belt test become mentors for new kids who come into the dojo. Remember instructor Josh says that becoming a black belt is much more than a belt around your waste.  We congratulate every student who promoted this month and we will support you however we can on your road to black belt.  Please help us in cheering for all these kids!

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