Being a parent with a child diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) presents many challenges.  This diagnosis can be frustrating for parents as parents struggle with the daily grind of wanting the most for your child.  We at PRO Martial Arts Naperville believe we have a resource for parents who wish to provide their kids with the best opportunities for their child’s emotional and physical development.

Our martial arts program education is fun and engaging while mentoring children on our core values: confidence, manners, attitude, respect and discipline.  Parents can expect their child to improve concentration, expand attention span skills, learn self-control all while gaining confidence and learning self-discipline.  These skills are crucial for any kid, but even more vital for a child diagnosed with ADHD.  However, this is just the beginning, karate can offer so much more.

Karate combines self-control, physical activity and gross and fine motor skill development. This mix of training is ideal for children diagnosed with ADHD. Cardio is one of the best treatments for ADD and poor mental focus, as well as for anxiety. It’s can be a powerful drug for the brain.

Research indicates that exercise increases blood-dopamine levels which provide the brain with natural stimulation, while also improving communication among areas of the brain, upping focus and concentration.

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