How Does Karate teach your child to be kind?

PRO Martial Arts is much more than just karate.  While your child is learning martial arts techniques, our character development program congruently teaches respect, develops manners, instills discipline, cultivates positive attitudes and builds confidence in each one of the children that join our program.

At PRO Martial Arts Naperville, our mission emphasizes one more vital message – kindness.  Kindness to self and kindness to others. Experts conclude that if parents want to raise a moral, kind child, us as parents must make this a priority.

Research indicates that most kids don’t think of kindness as “important.”  Recent studies illustrate this point; nearly 75 percent of children in the study indicate that their parents were more concerned with whether they were achieving in school and happy in life rather than if they showed care and kindness for others.

The Model of the Developmental Maturity developed by Pia Mellody tells us that all children are born valuable.  Furthermore, it is not right to assume that children are born either good or bad. Children require a positive environment as well as parents and trusted adults who will help them become respectful, caring and responsible members of their communities.

When a child is enrolled at PRO Martial Arts Naperville, our unique practices and methodologies allow for a child to practice what they preach through the formation of good habits. Bowing to the instructor, answering with a “Yes Mam” or “No Mam”, waiting for direction on the next kick or punch, or listening to our daily character education message – each part of our program teaches important life skills. When a student pursues a new belt, a child is taught how to set and achieve goals.

The life lessons learned at PRO Martial Arts Naperville help a child’s behavior in school, teach them to be kind and give them confidence in social situations. What we do isn’t just karate. We are building character for a lifetime.

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