Why Should I Enroll My Daughter in Martial Arts?

In today’s world, the gender gap is becoming less pronounced and thus boys and girls are participating in the same activities and sports, and at PRO Martial Arts Naperville we believe martial arts is no different.

In previous generations, martial arts was typically for men while women were subject to a different role. At PRO Martial Arts Naperville we believe in societal progress and equal opportunity for both boys and girls.  Let us address any concerns you or any parent might have regarding the participation of girls in martial arts. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, our daughters, sisters and granddaughters can do anything boys can do and in most cases girls are better students!  Girls tend to focus better and they are generally more mature than the boys their age. Enrolling your daughter in martial arts will set an example that there are no girl or boy activities. Every member at our dojo is treated with the same
respect, kindness and individual education; while also held to the same standard. Achievement and advancement is based on skills and individual capabilities, not gender.

In this complicated and dangerous world it’s critical that girls have the confidence and self-defense skills to defend themselves. Girls are sometimes identified as a target of crimes and dangerous situations.  Your daughter will learn how to defend herself and more importantly, she will become armed with the confidence and awareness to recognize a threatening situation.

Your daughter will develop discipline, confidence, attitude, respect and manners.  These five character traits are the pillars of PRO Martial Arts Naperville.  These character traits will make her less susceptible to bullying, peer pressure, negative self-esteem; while also improving her overall behavior while giving her the confidence to reach her potential in all aspects of life.

Enrolling your daughter at PRO Martial Arts Naperville means giving the gift of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Through our program, your daughter will be coached and mentored in the areas of strength, stamina and confidence which provide the road map for a healthy self-image that will help her develop physically, behaviorally and emotionally.

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