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Prevent Childhood Obesity with After School Activities

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Obesity is the result of an imbalance in the amount of calories being consumed versus the amount being expended. Genetic, environmental and behavioral factors all have an effect on obesity rates. Health effects of childhood obesity range from cardiovascular risk factors to bone and joint problems. The good news is healthy lifestyle habits, such as the exercise from after school activities, can help.

Why After School Activities are Important

PRO Martial Arts offers after school activities for children throughout the Naperville area. Frequent aerobic exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Most elementary schools don’t offer gym classes every day and the majority of high school students don’t have a daily Phys Ed class. Therefore, it’s important to have activities outside of school which encourage fun physical activity. Martial arts classes don’t feel like cumbersome exercise; they are fun and build a sense of community.

How Martial Arts Improves Wellbeing

Our martial arts classes affect not only your child’s physical wellbeing, but overall balance and wellness. Lessons taught in class benefit your child far into adulthood. Karate is a discipline of the body and mind and teaches children to have respect for their bodies and others. Physical exercise also helps with mood and emotional wellbeing. After school activities, like practicing martial arts at our Naperville dojo, can help decrease anxiety, stress, tension and depression.

The physical benefits of after school activities are numerous. Along with helping to avoid childhood obesity, children gain a long term positive relationship with fitness helping them to have a strong and healthy body. Martial arts can help your child improve their coordination, balance, strength, posture, and overall fitness level. Our parents often notice an overall improvement in the overall health of their child from regularly engaging in martial arts.

Your best bet for avoiding childhood obesity is to keep your child engaged in after school activities they enjoy. PRO Martial Arts of Naperville teaches a healthy lifestyle along with manners, goal setting, leadership skills, respect, and discipline. Our after school activities help make children healthier both emotionally and physically. Karate helps kids feel strong and delight in what their bodies are capable of. As confidence builds and kids achieve measurable goals, they will be excited to continue working.

To learn more about our dojo and for information on our after school activities, please call (630)451-8918.

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