Naperville Martial Arts

Wendy Napolitano

As a military kid, Wendy Napolitano has lived all over the world! As a young child living in the Philippines, Wendy started taking karate classes and has continued to study every since. Today, Wendy is a Dan, or first degree black belt, and has competed extensively, taking 2nd and 3rd place in Kata (forms), 4th place in Kihon (basics) and 2nd place in Kumite (sparring). The benefits of martial arts training for Wendy are too many to list, but she believes that ultimately, training is practice for life and helps students discover that there are multiple solutions to any situation they may find themselves in; so, in real life situations it helps students think broadly and find alternate solutions to any complex problem.

Wendy believes in working with every student where they are and helping them improve. Her favorite saying is “every black belt begins as a while belt!”

When Wendy is not at the dojo, she can be found spending time with her husband of nearly 30 years and two adult children. Wendy’s varied interests include quilting and golf.

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