Karate is more than just a belt

Karate: Builds confidence. Develops self-discipline. Hones athletic skills. You'll even live a healthier life and have more fun!

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PRO Martial Arts Naperville

With a variety of classes for beginners to experts in karate, kickboxing, self-defense and much more, our core focus is on building confidence and teaching students how to stay safe. The PRO Martial Arts System is the result of decades of training and teaching experience. It encompasses an exciting and diverse curriculum of martial arts techniques drawn from the Korean arts of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. “What makes our school exceptional are our innovative and proprietary programs for children and adults like the ARMOR® Bullying and Predator Prevention Program. At PRO Martial Arts, we are dedicated to Building Character For A Lifetime. ®”

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Our Expert Team

Our certified instructors are some of the most qualified in the martial arts and fitness industry. They teach students valuable life skills such as confidence and goal setting and will push you to reach your goals!


Our Core Values

We are far more than kicking, punching and karate workouts. From kids to adults, from beginners to experts, from karate, to kickboxing and much more – every class at PRO Martial Arts includes a core focus on building confidence, staying safe, and developing character.


Our Mission

A mentorship program for children, PRO Martial Arts uses karate and a unique character education program to help children develop in key areas. We teach respect, develop manners, instill discipline, cultivate positive attitudes, build confidence and educate them on bullying and predator prevention. Our mission is to teach children important life skills and help them stay safe from danger.


Kids Martial Arts

At PRO Martial Arts, our programs are designed to train our students to set healthy, appropriate, and productive goals. Our students are properly trained to succeed in school, at home and in extracurricular activities.

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Adult Martial Arts

A multitude of benefits beyond the traditional self-defense focus characterize these invigorating classes. Engage your body and mind; stimulate confidence and well-being. Take a slice out of your week to dedicate a little time to yourself in this high energy, supportive environment.

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Bully Prevention

The PRO Martial Arts exclusive bullying and predator prevention program teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. By enrolling your child, you acknowledge the serious safety threats that your child may face and are making sure they have the armor needed to stand tall.

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Our Classes

Our nationally certified instructors will train you and/or your child with proprietary programs you can’t find anywhere else!

Character Education & Leadership

These interactive programs are designed to use martial arts as a direct delivery vehicle for character education and leadership messages in order to build character and leadership skills, along with the tools to measure their progress and understanding.

Adult Fitness

From martial arts training, self-defense and fitness kickboxing our adult programs combine functional athletic drills and proven martial arts techniques to create a holistic workout for the mind and body.

Bully Prevention and Confidence

Our anti-bullying program is comprised of 12 weekly lessons on Bullying Prevention and 12 separate lessons on Predator Prevention. This program is designed to ensure that students have the armor needed to stand tall against bullying behavior and predator activity – both online and in their everyday lives.

Self Defense

Our team is dedicated to your success. Whether that means pushing you to your limits, being a friend in a time of need or spending extra time to show you a technique you're struggling with, our community is here to make you feel comfortable and safe while having fun and learning effective techniques.

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PRO Martial Arts Naperville

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